Sunday, April 30, 2006

A sensual spanking

Clip from Twilight Women

Aunty is not normally a fan of spanking scenes that include sexual interaction between the players. That's because, for Aunty, the act of spanking is disciplinary, and dramatic, and when all this descends into copulation -- well, let's just say it ruins the whole atmosphere.

But there are always exceptions, and this clip -- found at Skin Video -- is one of them.

Aunty has really never seen porn this erotic, passionate and sensual before -- just look at the expression on the face of the spankee every time her bottom is slapped. She reacts with such genuine, lustful appreciation of the spankings, that Aunty has to conclude she is truly enjoying the experience.

And that's certainly not something one sees in 'adult' movies everyday!

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Pajama party spanking

Ever wondered what girls get up to at pajama parties? Well now you know.

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Aunty is always amused by these "girl-spanks-girl-spanking-girl" pictures one sometimes comes across on the net. This one's particularly juicy because, Aunty fears, the middle Spanker is about to get a terrific shock -- that second Spanker looks like she's putting some serious velocity into the smack she is about to deliver.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Supermarket spanking

Aunty thought this looked like a fun way to spice up a grocery shopping expedition!

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Japanese spanking

From Cutie Spankee

Aunty thinks you have to hand it to Japanese ingenuity. Where else would they come up with such an efficient spanking position? Why efficient? Well, it would be entirely possible for both girls to spank each other given the access each girl has to the other's bottom :)

And yes, you're allowed to laugh a little as you watch the clip :P But, if you want to see more, you'll have to visit Japanese pay spanking site, Cutie Spankee.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Spanked over clothes

Aunty must confess a personal preference for pictures and videos of girls getting spanked across their clothed bottoms. Its not that she doesn't like the female posterior - rather she enjoys watching the drama of a punishment scene; the girl struggling to maintain her dignity (not to mention spanking posture) in the face of what can be quite blinding pain.

So, she did enjoy coming across this little video clip, pity they had to spoil the delicious real-life and amateur spanking thrill by baring that poor girl's bottom as the scene progressed :(

By the way, that particular spanking position - and this is the second confession in one post, happens to be Aunty's favorite for M/f scenes. Something deliciously dominating about a strong man throwing a naughty girl over one leg ... ;)

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When sorority girls give spankings ...

When these sorority girls went out on a shopping trip, they brought their paddle along. Aunty has no idea why ... Perhaps they wanted to punish those with bad fashion-sense?

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Saturday, April 22, 2006



Aunty has been quite overwhelmed with requests for mouthsoaping imagery and information. And while it should be noted that mouthsoaping is not one of her particular interests, Aunty is a kinky lady and open to anything disciplinary in nature. Therefore, when she comes across, or is emailed, anything of interest to mouthsoaping fans, she will certainly post it.

In the meantime, take a look at the mouthsoaping fetish forum and website maintained by a very pleasant gentleman named SoapyOne.

Update: Please visit Aunty's new mouthsoaping blog created in response to all the email she received from fans of this interesting kink :) The site is still quite sparse, but it will grow if there is enough interest from the mouthsoaping community.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Those sorority girls and their paddles

sorority paddling

Aunty's not sure why these sorority girls are wearing trash bags, but this image arrived in her email today with the following note attached:

"Please post this pic of me giving allison what she needs with her sorority paddle! haha. She loved it!"
Well, thanks for the contribution, Elena! Aunty is always happy when someone loves their spanking :)

She does, however, suggest a trip to a thrift store - there are better clothing options for penny-pinching sorority sisters than trash can liners.

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Vintage spanking clip (Repost)

Aunty hopes her readers won't mind this repost of the infamous spanking scene from the 70's classic, Debbie Does Dallas.

Aunty originally found this clip at Skin Video, but her copy was deleted by the company hosting her video feeds at that time.

Happily, Aunty came across the 'Debbie clip' for a second time at Cinema Spanking and, seeing as she's serving her own videos now, decided to re-post this piece of spanko history.


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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mouth washed out with soap

mouth washed with soap mouth washed with soap mouth washed with soap

Some forms of corporal punishment are still alive and well in America. And while there's nothing more effective than cleansing soap as an antidote for foul language, Aunty can't help but feel sorry for this well-sanitized young lady.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Short TV caning

Charming (but short) F/m caning scene from BBC television drama, Hustle

Update: There were some technical problems with this clip -- it should be working now. Please email Aunty if you continue to experience difficulties.

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Street spanking

Aunty doesn't know why that girl's spanking that guy, but she sure whales into him :o And she does tend to strike a little higher than Aunty would usually prefer.

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Women spanking men

Video courtesy of Vixen Ladies

Yesterday Aunty wrote about Male/male spanking, today she turns to a subject equally dear to her heart - Woman spanking men. When Aunty was much younger, she took a neighbor boy over her knees and spanked his bottom. It was part of a game, but she remembers feeling very moved by the experience. Even now, Aunty recalls that episode with satisfaction - the way the boy wriggled and gasped as little Aunty smacked and smacked without mercy.

But it was not until she was quite grown-up that Aunty again began to explore her topishness. Which is not to say that her daydreams about spanked male bottoms disappeared during her adolescence - rather the interest became submerged, taken over by more vanilla (i.e. 'socially acceptable') interactions with guys

Happily, Aunty rediscovered her interest in chastising male bottoms and (if she may say) has become quite adept at the art of making handsome men pay for their inequities.

Even with a few years of spanking experience under her (ahem) belt, Aunty still marvels at the wonders and mysteries of her little fetish.

She has become convinced that the men she punishes are not necessarily pain junkies. They seem to gain a sense of inner peace when they surrender their adulthood, with its responsibility and cares. As each ritual in the drama of spanking unfolds -- receiving a scolding, baring the bottom, bending over, taking the swats, etc. -- men become a little more tranquil.

Interestingly, Aunty notices a different dynamic when she spanks women. Girls appear to genuinely relish the pain -- one young woman goes into a real trance; it's like she's hypnotized when Aunty spanks her, and this seems to be what draws her back for more. Females can also be more resistant, sassy and rude when sentenced to corporal punishment. In contrast, men are usually impeccably submissive and almost irritatingly polite.

What do Aunty's readers think? Why do men who like to be spanked like to be spanked? Are there really gender differences within the spankophile community? Why are spanked men quiet and compliant, while women are often loud and resistant? (Even when they've explicitly requested a spanking, and continue to come back for more.)

Aunty would love to know your thoughts :)

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Male/male spanking

Image from Male Spanking Central. Found on Guba

Aunty knows few of her readers enjoy male/male spanking. She knows this from studying the statistics for her site, and sees how few people click on pictures depicting m/m scenes.

This is a pity, because Aunty is a great fan of the m/m spanking genre, particularly since it offers scenarios closest to her earliest spanking fantasies.

Aunty was, and remains, curious about what goes on behind closed doors when a male authority figure decides the time is ripe for a subordinate to receive corporal discipline. Does a young man feel the same sense of humiliation about baring his bottom to an older man as women experience when taking their punishment from another woman? Is it more humiliating for a man to be bent over a male lap than a female's? Or the other way around? Can any readers answer these questions for Aunty?

This image, found on Guba is particularly tasty, because a pleasing-looking man in formal shirt and tie is bent-over in a most degrading position to receive his comeuppance.

A man in a tie! Aunty loves men in formal attire, and gets very tingly wondering about the emotional impact a spanking must have on a guy who appears to have dropped from a lofty corporate height to find himself, bottom-bared and splayed across a more powerful man's lap.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Gucci spanking

Gucci Spanking

Aunty came across what appears to be part of a Gucci print advertisement. The models look dead, but the use of spanking imagery in advertising is always interesting.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

How not to birthday spank

Aunty does not usually approve of SUI - Spanking Under the Influence. Nor does she advocate the reckless use of a belt (or any other spanking implement) when there is so little control over the situation. To be specific, in this clip the birthday girl was moving around a lot more than is recommended when someone is trying to spank your bottom with something as difficult to aim as a leather belt. What do readers think?

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Spanker's Hill

Spankers Hill

Click image to enlarge.

A British reader emailed Aunty about an interesting corner of his homeland called "Spanker's Hill." Britches writes:

As a spanking enthusiast, I am fascinated by the history of spanking. I have a particular interest in an historical place in England. It's just outside London in a public park, Richmond Park to be precise. There is a wonderful part of the park called 'Spanker's Hill'.

My wife and I often visit this part of the park as it has a very fascinating natural phenomenon. In the middle of a clearing on Spanker's Hill stands an ominous old tree. From this tree, protrudes a single, thick branch, about 50 meters long which stretches outwards and dips down to waist height from the ground.

My wife and I, use the 'Spanker's Hill Tree' as the perfect place and setting for a little alfresco spanking. Although recently, we've been more and more interested in the history of this very old tree, for the following reasons:-

  • As shown in the attached photos , it has natural growths that resemble bare buttocks, something that our ancestors may have recognized as a spanking symbol.
  • Also shown in the photos, there are also many old carvings that look like dates and names in the bark of the tree, I like to believe that they are old records of public registration of those placed over the 'Spanking tree on Spanker's Hill'
Oddly, the name 'Spanker's Hill', as far as records show in the local Richmond library, has no history - usually British places have older records and history attached. Spanker's Hill is undocumented, unlike the rest of the park.

Aunty has also tried her hand at researching the history of "Spanker's Hill," but came away empty-handed. Perhaps a historically-minded reader can provide more information on how this place got to be so tantalizingly named?

PS: Readers interested in 'alfresco' spankings administered to miscreants bent over tree branches might enjoy this entry from Sierra Salem's blog.

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When Aunty spanks ...

Aunty is quite taken with this advertisement for Spanking Online ;)

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A painfully public spanking

Aunty's not sure about the nature of the party where this spanking took place. It could have been a formal birthday celebration, or even a posh fraternity bash. Whatever the case, the young woman in these pictures, who voluntarily lifted up her skirt to take a paddle swat in front of male witnesses, was a very brave girl indeed. What's more, judging from her agonized expression immediately after tasting the board, that spanking hurt very much more than she was expecting!

On the dance floor, still smiling, she lifts up her dress. The dj is unsure where to look.

She bends over, legs splayed for balance, holding up her dress ...

She grasps at her burning bottom. Ohhh that hurt! But the boys in the background got a good show.

Click on images for larger view

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

New amateur spanking site

Video courtesy of Spanked Lady

In her last post, Aunty wrote about the pleasure of watching spanking scenes carried out by real-life couples.

Today she came across a site - Spanked Lady - that specializes in video and images of real amateur couples engaged in truly delicious spanking action. In conversation with Aunty, the Webmaster of Spanked Lady commented:

"Attractive amateurs aren't easy to come by, however they can be extremely interesting. We do not use professional models. The whole point of Spanked Lady is (to provide) high resolution images and docudramas of a few amateur couples engaged in some truly radioactive real-life spankings we were lucky enough to get on tape."
And judging from the trailers and images available at Spanked Lady, the site is sure to become a favorite of spanking fans - especially those who enjoy seeing the 'couple next door' passionately engaged in their favorite fetish.

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New domestic discipline series

Aunty is a huge fan of spanking action between real-life couples. There really is nothing like watching the authentic passion that flows between a couple as they enact a punishment scene.

So, Aunty was very excited to see an announcement on Sierra's Punishment Diary that Dallas and Sierra Salem, have launched a new series to be called: Dallas and Sierra Salem: Domestic Discipline.

The series can be found at Dallas Spanks Hard, and Aunty is looking forward to viewing some intense spanking action between two of the spanking world's most attractive people.

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Birthday spanking of the day

This birthday boy only takes three strokes with what looks like a strap of some kind. Personally, Aunty usually insists on tailoring the number of strokes to the birthday boy's age. None-the-less, he did the right thing in baring his birthday bottom for his annual punishment. A good thing too -- that mild spanking would have felt like a tickle had he been wearing pants.

Update (Sunday): Youtube are currently making some changes to their site. This video should be available shortly, so please check back later.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Bare Bottom Birthday Bash

Click images for larger view

Aunty has always been a firm advocate of taking one's birthday spanking across a bare bottom. So she was particularly delighted to come across these images on a French blog, Fesseurs.

Readers, take it from Aunty: There is nothing quite like the sting of hand, belt or paddle against your naked skin. When you take your annual punishment with your pants up, you're really only cheating yourself!

Even worse, you're denying your fellow celebrants the delicious thrill of watching your bottom bounce in that tantalizing way only a spanking can produce.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The truth about schoolgirl spanking

There is something sad about the schoolgirl in these pictures, with her eyes locked shut in pain, and her mouth open in silent scream.

Even more disturbing is the man administering the punishment. He's big, you see, and not in that 'muscular' sense -- more in that "eats a lot of spareribs and drinks a lot of beer" kind of way.

There was a time, not too long ago, when British schoolgirls were subjected to this kind of punishment on a regular basis.

Ironically, because they were skittish at the idea of young girls presenting their bottoms to male teachers, school authorities implemented a policy in the early 70's requiring corporal punishment to be administered on the hands - not the bottoms - of girls in state schools.

Aunty has recently spoken with a group of UK women who experienced this new hand-spanking regime. They all said it would've been much better to be punished on their bottoms. Nothing was worse, they said, than having a cane or ruler smacked across their naked, sensitive upturned palms!

Even when corporal punishment was forbidden or discouraged for British schoolgirls, in reality, female miscreants often elected to "get it over with" just like the boys, and so voluntarily laid themselves out for canings, slipperings, and OTK spankings.

Usually, this was on the understanding that the disciplining teacher was doing them a huge favor. After all, the alternative punishments available to girls consisted of writing out thousands of mind-numbing lines, weeding the school grounds, or enduring days of after-school detention.

The spanking was therefore a "secret" between teacher and student, and any revelation to parents, students were warned, would lead to re-administration of one of the more time-consuming punishments.

Images borrowed from: Spanking Online

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spanking lessons

If anyone's in the neighborhood, come hear Aunty's lecture :)

True spanking confessions

PostSecret is a highly successful website, providing a forum for people to share their most intimate secrets via an anonymous postcard.

The site is always entertaining for voyeurs like Aunty because it allows a glimpse into the depths and shallows of the human soul - from the serious: "I was happy when my husband died" to the amusing: "Nobody knows I can only poop in the nude."

But most intriguing of all, from Aunty's perspective, was the recent posting reproduced below.

And to think Aunty thought things like this only happened in spanking fantasy stories!

Click on image for larger view

Hat tip: Sierra Salem and flinchflower

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Skin Video Top 10 - April 2006

News Item: Japanese stocks fall after seven-day rise

Image from: My Innervision

In the aftermath of today's dramatic decline in the Nikkei 225 Stock Average, some analysts at Tokyo's prestigious Handsei Securities firm found themselves on the wrong end of managing partner, Akimoto Kazuma's, notorious paddle.

"Some may find my methods harsh," Kazuma admits. "But the reputation of this firm depends on the integrity of our forecasting."

Particularly painful attention was paid to Yamashita Michiyo, whose "recklessly bullish projections," Kazuma claims, "inspired overly ambitious investing by many of Handsei's most valuable clients." When questioned on the severity of the punishment, Kazuma was adamant: "She deserved every one of the 8 swats I administered."

Ms. Michiyo was unavailable for comment following her spanking ordeal.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Birthday spanking in a Mexican bar

The birthday girl downs some tequila ...

...Then bends over for an enthusiastic bottom spanking

Aunty really needs to find one of these Mexican-themed bars in her city!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The spanking of nurses

Image found at: Skin Video

Aunty is fairly certain that nurses never had to endure corporal punishment for their failings. And yet, the nurse-spanking theme (a subgenre of the woman-in-uniform-spanking theme) is a staple of British spanking erotica.

This picture (probably scanned from a Janus publication) is typical of this fare.

Here, the matron (head nurse) administers the punishment, while another junior nurse (probably the tattle-tale) looks on with barely concealed glee.

Meanwhile, the miscreant, panties and tights pulled down, covers her face with her hands. Humiliated, ashamed, and soon to be very sore indeed.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

No more spanking

Dear Readers,

After much contemplation and discussion with friends and family, Aunty has decided to stop blogging about spanking. This decision has not been easy, but it is the result of a horrible feeling that came over her as she watched a sinful spanking video this evening.

Suddenly, there were tears streaming down Aunty's cheeks, and she felt so very sad for the poor victim having her bottom so horribly abused for the sinful pleasure of perverted spankos.

Readers, consider this fact: If spanking is wrong for children, it is wrong for adults too!

As of Sunday, April 2, Aunty will delete all spanking content from this blog, which will be re-tooled as an interior design/home improvement site. Submissions of spanking-related images and videos will no longer be accepted. Instead, Aunty would welcome pictures and video-clips depicting "before and after" scenes of re-modeled homes, gardens, family pets, etc.

Aunty hopes her loyal spankophile readership will follow her in understanding that adult spanking is, in fact, wicked and abusive. Indeed, she is convinced most of you will stay to follow Aunty's transformation from wicked pervert to domestic goddess.

Look out, Martha Stewart! There's a new gal in town.


Aunty Agony

Update: Yes, this was an April Fools prank perpetrated by a very naughty Aunty. Many thanks for all the comments and emails! Those who guessed this was a prank, and suggested Aunty take a spanking for her deed, should know that she gave herself one swat for each comment/email suggesting this consequence :)

To those who expressed sadness that Aunty was forsaking her spanking fetish, fear not, she's forever Spanko!

And to those who wrote suggesting Aunty turn this blog over to them to continue with its existing format -- great idea! Aunty could use a couple of guest contributors from time to time as her life can get very busy ;)

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