Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Look how hard Dallas spanks

Video borrowed from Dallas Spanks Hard

So, Aunty finally took the plunge and signed up with Dallas Spanks Hard, an adult erotic spanking site she has been itching to explore. Aunty first became intrigued with this site after reading the MUST-SEE blog produced by Dallas' gorgeous partner, Sierra Salem.

Aunty is very picky about spanking erotica sites; many of them are quite boring, with absolutely no authentic connection between spanker and spankee. Very often, the actors go through their paces, focusing on their pay checks, while displaying no intrinsic enjoyment of the scene they're participating in.

What stands out about Dallas Spanks Hard, is the energy that flows between Dallas and the beautiful miscreants he punishes. Not only is he yummy-looking, but he has the voice and manner of a true disciplinarian.

Particularly enjoyable were the scenes in which Sierra Salem took her licks. There is something special about watching a real-life couple as they enact a spanking scene. Even better, Sierra is a total brat! In fact she's the brattiest brat Aunty has ever seen in a spanking video! Indeed, one had to admire Dallas' restraint in punishing his Sierra . Even your mild and pleasant Aunty would have snapped in the face of that girl's sassy and disrespectful defiance.

Dallas Spanks Hard has a huge selection of videos and photographs, featuring more than 60 models. Videos are available in two compression sizes to accommodate both dial-up and broadband download.

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Japanese shoplifter spanked

Pic borrowed from: My Innervision

Once regarded as the most obedient and self-disciplined young people in the world, Japanese youth are fast becoming incorrigible.

Often blamed on the effects of a declining birth rate, this phenomenon has resulted in increased shoplifting by adolescents.

Now Luraido Mall, in South Central Japan, has vowed to fight back. Despairing of a justice system increasingly clogged with young petty thieves, store owners have taken to dispensing instant justice.

"Six hard swats with the paddle, and the thief learns her lesson fast," says store-owner Hiroki Sagawa. "Shoplifting's down dramatically since mall management handed out paddles to tenants."

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Nightclub spanking

This picture of a bare-bottom spanking taking place in a New York City club was submitted by Angie, who comments:

"Apparently New York hipsters are so jaded that now they have to take off most of their clothes at a nightclub in order to enjoy themselves."
To which One can only reply: If spanking is what NY hipsters get up to when their clothes are off, then Aunty is fully in favor of naked nightlife :)

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Waiting to be spanked

Found at: Guba

Aunty loves the whole setup of this picture (possibly from an old Janus magazine).

Lying over the headmistress' knee, is one miscreant. Naked, miserable, humiliated - and in pain.

Watching and waiting, is an attractive girl. Also bared for punishment, she surveys the proceedings with part dread, part fascination.

This definitely leaves Aunty feeling tingly in all the right places :)

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Birthday spanking of the day

Aunty is very enamored by a New York City restaurant, called Tortilla Flats. This is because they encourage public birthday spankings which are enjoyed by all. Looking at this pic, Aunty couldn't help noticing that the spanker's hat says: "Our waiter makes me moist." Now, Aunty is very much in favor of moisture, but has yet to feel this way as a result of contact with serving staff.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sugasm No. 27

The best of the sex blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Posts are cut at F within each category, categories shift around and change between editions depending on what you send me, and you can get in on the next one by using this form. Participants, repost the linklist by the end of Monday night and you’re all set.


Free spanking pics and videos (

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Erotica/Erotic Experiences

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More Sugasm… Join the Sugasm

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

When golfers spank

Aunty understands that golf is a very popular sport in Japan. But she absolutely disapproves of a teacher who practices his swing while undertaking the very serious duty of disciplining his students.

Pic from: My Innervision (Japanese language site)

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Birthday spanking of the day

Aunty was intrigued by this birthday spanking administered in what appears to be a Japanese restaurant. The punishment is administered with what looks like a tambourine, and ends with a tap on the birthday girl's head (one for luck?).

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tied down and spanked

There is often a great deal of debate in spankophile circles around what is and what is not spanking. Of course, the dictionary definition talks about "slapping the buttocks," and some people stick to that description no matter what! Take this comment posted in response to a drawing of a girl tied down and tawsed on Spankingblog a couple of days ago:
"It seems to me the meaning of 'spanking' is being stretched beyond definition. If canings and tawsings and such are called 'spankings,' what would you call whippings or floggings? And the illustration ... also depicts bondage. This is 'spanking'?"
Well, like everything else, spanking is in the eye of the beholder. In fact, Aunty was most surprised to see someone even suggest that bondage and spanking should absolutely be separate.

From the time Aunty first began thinking about spanking, she would imagine a pretty boy lying across a bench or chair, tied down to help him maintain the expected posture.

Conversely, when Aunty is on the receiving end of a spanking, she prefers not to be restrained in any way, taking pleasure in the sheer will-power required to stay in "bottom-well-presented" position.

All that being said, Aunty was totally thrilled by the above picture found at Dallas Spanks Hard. It shows an achingly pretty girl, with bright red-bottom, her eyes smudged and puffy from crying, tied securely to a bench. These are ingredients that make spanking magical for Aunty.

Of course there are other intriguing spanking scenarios. But this picture comes closest to what your Aunty considers spanking.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Spanking Rosaleen Young

Now this is unique! Rosaleen Young bends across two laps for a well deserved spanking. Found at: Guba

See more of Rosaleen at: SpankMyBottom (Since Ms. Young's retirement, the site now features the spankings of Elizabeth Simpson, but they still retain a large Rosaleen Young archive.)

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Birthday spanking of the day

Although Aunty prefers an efficient and ritualistic birthday spanking, she can't help but adore watching many hands clamber to administer a pretty girl's annual swats.

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The lost elegance of spanking

When Aunty sees a spankee dressed in fine lacey lingerie, she feels a pang for the elegance of days gone by. In those times, a spanking was a formal occasion, and people treated punishment with the solemnity it deserved. Of course, the man administering the spanking in this pic could have worn more formal attire. But, one can't expect everything to be perfect :)

From: Guba

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

The three things Aunty likes about spanking

The humiliating bottom-baring
Slapping sounds on a naked bottom
The look of agony on the miscreant's face

From: FirmHand Spanking

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British spanking of the day

Aunty can never get enough of these British spanking video clips :) From: Guba

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Spanked by an old lady

If you look closely at the poor miscreant's bottom, you will notice what looks like a strip of elastoplast. This leads Aunty to wonder if he receives frequent, severe spankings from that old lady (who is hopefully not his Mom *shudder*). Or maybe, he just sat on something sharp. One never can tell :)

Picture found on Guba

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Birthday spanking of the day

What luxury! Getting hand-fed with cake while taking your annual punishment :)

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Mardis Gras spanking

Aunty salutes the resurgent spirit of New Orleans. Not only was Mardis Gras celebrated so shortly after the devastation of Katrina, but spankings were freely available in the streets. And that, for Aunty, is progress.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Why smoking is bad for your bottom

Aunty has noticed that ...
Whenever a cigarette is found is a spanking movie ...
A red bottom is always in the busted girl's future ;)

From: FirmHand Spanking

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A music video for spankos

Aunty suspects many of her fellow spankos have already drooled over this hilarious music video which came out in 2003. Written and mixed by DJ Armand Van Helden, vocals were supplied by two-girl group Spalding Rockwell.

And, if for some reason you get hooked on this song ("Hear My Name"), with its unique use of percussion, you can by the CD by clicking here.

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Red hair. Red bottom

Aunty thinks the only thing better than a red-haired girl, is a spanked-red bottom :)

Free video clips from this scene available here.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

An amateur spanking

Aunty is not sure if this girl is getting a birthday spanking ... But she does take 22 spanks. And that seems like an unusual number of swats if it's NOT based on her age.

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A burning bottom

OMG! What starts with a spanking ends, quite literally, in a burning bottom. Warning NOT for the squeamish!

From: TPlanet

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spanking scene voted sexiest moment in film

Aunty was overjoyed to see that customers of Europe's answer to Netflix,, have voted a spanking scene from the movie Secretary to be the "sexiest moment in film." Wow, it's about time we spankos had our little fetish raised to the top of the mainstream erotic charts.

PS: This clip's soundtrack is in French, and was borrowed from Domestic Discipline, where you'll find a great many spanking clips from mainstream movies. If you're interested in seeing this scene (and others) in English, buy Secretary(it should be in every Spanko's collection!).

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Men get their just desserts

Aunty very much enjoyed these drawings depicting yummy men getting the treatment they deserve. There really is something alluring about older spanking pics, isn't there? Perhaps this is because women are depicted as unapologetically feminine, and the men ... Well, they really knew how to take their punishments in days gone by. From: Guba

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Sarah gets a Spanking: A true Story

Sarah emailed Aunty one of her true-life spanking stories today. And Aunty liked it so much, she thought her readers might appreciate it as well. Aunty does hope Sarah will be kind enough to send more stories for publication on this blog :)

Sarah gets a spanking

By Sarah

A true story
I was a freshman in HS, and it was the week of cheerleading tryouts. I did my routine, along with about 10 other girls. When we completed, we sat and watched the other girls who were trying out for the JV and Varsity squads. It was all rather exciting. Well, the end of the week came, and since all 10 of us were going to be on the freshman squad, we went to go pick up our uniforms. We weren't expecting anything unusual, but then again, we had heard rumors. Isn't that normal in HS, rumors?

We got to the gym, and the senior girls were waiting. We were all excited as they handed out skirts and tops and panties to each of us, saying that we had better put them on now, to check the size, then come back down to the gym so we could have our pictures taken. We were all abuzz as we entered the locker rooms, and quickly changed from our dull catholic school uniforms into our cheerleading uniforms. Then we went back to the gym. The new JV and Varsity members were there too, for their individual pictures.

The senior girls inspected the uniforms and then arranged us for our pictures, both a team and individual shots. Well, we figured it was done, but then the seniors held us back, mentioning to us the school tradition of spanking the new cheerleaders. The JV girls looked surprised, but we were in total shock. Well, the senior girls sorted us into lines, with each senior with 3 girls in front of her. I was in the front of the line in my group.

The senior girl in front of me took my arm, and pulled me over her lap, and raised my skirt, showing off my blue panty bottom. I tried to protect my rear, but it was useless. The senior raised her hand, and the spanking commenced.


I wiggled and squirmed on that girls lap, trying to ease the pain, but it was hopeless. She kept spanking, and I kept on yelping at each impact.


Finally, I noticed the girl lifting my arm, and telling me to get up. I felt my rear, and it burned. I rubbed my bottom for a little while, watching my friends get their spankings. After the seniors got done with all of us, we went back to the locker room, and inspected the damage. It wasn't as bad as we had thought, with just a slightly pick coloring on our rears. But the spanking did do one other thing for us, it brought us together as a squad. It also provided us a means of helping each other improve our routines, since we knew any girl messing up could easily be spanked by the rest of the squad or the other cheerleaders.

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