Friday, March 10, 2006

Sarah gets a Spanking: A true Story

Sarah emailed Aunty one of her true-life spanking stories today. And Aunty liked it so much, she thought her readers might appreciate it as well. Aunty does hope Sarah will be kind enough to send more stories for publication on this blog :)

Sarah gets a spanking

By Sarah

A true story
I was a freshman in HS, and it was the week of cheerleading tryouts. I did my routine, along with about 10 other girls. When we completed, we sat and watched the other girls who were trying out for the JV and Varsity squads. It was all rather exciting. Well, the end of the week came, and since all 10 of us were going to be on the freshman squad, we went to go pick up our uniforms. We weren't expecting anything unusual, but then again, we had heard rumors. Isn't that normal in HS, rumors?

We got to the gym, and the senior girls were waiting. We were all excited as they handed out skirts and tops and panties to each of us, saying that we had better put them on now, to check the size, then come back down to the gym so we could have our pictures taken. We were all abuzz as we entered the locker rooms, and quickly changed from our dull catholic school uniforms into our cheerleading uniforms. Then we went back to the gym. The new JV and Varsity members were there too, for their individual pictures.

The senior girls inspected the uniforms and then arranged us for our pictures, both a team and individual shots. Well, we figured it was done, but then the seniors held us back, mentioning to us the school tradition of spanking the new cheerleaders. The JV girls looked surprised, but we were in total shock. Well, the senior girls sorted us into lines, with each senior with 3 girls in front of her. I was in the front of the line in my group.

The senior girl in front of me took my arm, and pulled me over her lap, and raised my skirt, showing off my blue panty bottom. I tried to protect my rear, but it was useless. The senior raised her hand, and the spanking commenced.


I wiggled and squirmed on that girls lap, trying to ease the pain, but it was hopeless. She kept spanking, and I kept on yelping at each impact.


Finally, I noticed the girl lifting my arm, and telling me to get up. I felt my rear, and it burned. I rubbed my bottom for a little while, watching my friends get their spankings. After the seniors got done with all of us, we went back to the locker room, and inspected the damage. It wasn't as bad as we had thought, with just a slightly pick coloring on our rears. But the spanking did do one other thing for us, it brought us together as a squad. It also provided us a means of helping each other improve our routines, since we knew any girl messing up could easily be spanked by the rest of the squad or the other cheerleaders.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two years ago I dropped in to visit my brother and my Sister-in-Law came in about five minutes later with my neice after picking her up from cheerleader practice. My neice was not very eager to chat and went straight to her room. My brother asked his wife what's with her and my Sister-in-Law replied the girls screwed up some cheers in practice tonight and they all had to take six swats before they could leave. My jaw dropped and I inquired they get spanked for screwing up cheers. My Sister-in-Law replied Yep, swatted with a sorority paddle and she knew that before she went out for the cheering leading team. They all get treated equal. It won't hurt her to get her butt polished when she screws up. She'll sulk for a little while and get over it. I asked who swats them. She replied the cheerleader coach. Does she whack them hard. Hard enough to make them feel it but she doesn't over due it. I had to approve it before she could join the team and she wanted to be on the team so I have no problem with it. When they screw up they get swats all of them get the same amount so she isn't alone with a sore ass tonight. By then I had to conceal my erection. I often think of my lovely neice with her teenage ass getting the paddle.


3/16/2006 05:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a cheerleader in H.S. and my boyfriend told me he had a birthday surprise for me. He wanted to take a picture of me un my uniform. the surprise was before a I could react he yanked my bottoms off and rained on my bottom a severe gand and hairbrush spanking. He said spanking me bare bottomed under my skirt, almost made him cum in his jeans. I'm out if H.S. now and Once a week I dress in a store bought cheerleader uniform, and submit to my boyfriends fierce spanking. (and sometimes he does cum in his jeans).

9/07/2009 03:10:00 PM  

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