Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Those sorority girls and their paddles

Here are some sorority sisters who's message couldn't be any clearer. Aunty imagines many of her readers would happily have helped these ladies out with the request on the backs of those pink shirts.

Update: This image has been replaced with one in which the sorority name and crest have been grayed out. This was done at the request of a member of this sorority, who pointed out that parents seeing the picture might understand it as an incident of hazing, rather than harmless, non-injurious fun. Apparently sorority organizations are so concerned about stamping out hazing, they have even considered banning the practice of giving out paddles. And Aunty really doesn't want to see that happen!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, absolutely. More and more girls athletic groups and sororities are getting into hot water as people discover incriminating hazing pictures posted online.

Just this past year there were hundreds of "sorority paddling" pics online. Many are girls just teasing and acting out in a slutty "Girls Gone Wild" mentality, "look at us with our paddles, we're so naughty, tee hee"

But many of the pics were obviously of real hazing incidents, some of which are violent, some with men wielding the paddle on younger girls, and are overall really disturbing when you consider that the average girl doesn't truly want to have her ass beaten with a paddle, and only submits to the abuse through the coercion of cultish social environment that only seems "normal" to them because of other girls who likewise just accept it. IMO it's a shame that girls want to do such things to each other, especially older ones hurting younger ones.

If spanking is your thing, great. Consenting adults, fine. But the problem of hazing is very negative, abusive, creates more problems and lawsuits than you can imagine, and leaves awful scars for some at a time in their lives they're supposed to be learning and having fun.

2/26/2006 08:16:00 AM  

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